Passports, Visas & Green Cards – Oh My!

One of the most frustrating parts of traveling, to me, has to be the process of jumping through the hoops of documentation. The joy of booking a ticket to your next dream destination can quickly lead to clicking on the requirements to enter and work in a new country, before booking one of the RV parks in Vancouver for our next holiday I made sure I read up on everything needed.. In my travel experiences, the ability to work in a foreign country can often be an obscure and confusing process. One of the most competitive countries to be able to work in is the United States.


Luckily, there is loads of information on such useful sites spread throughout the vastness of cyber space at your disposal. I have worked in a few countries through South America – for the most part, the process is a series of appointments and documents to provide, with a clear light at the end of the tunnel. The same cannot be said for all countries, however. My travels through Chile, recently, have been spending several days in the foreign travelers office practicing my rudimentary spanish with labor officials. In the United States, the ever popular Green Card is the sought after document for those looking to start making money in the “Land of Opportunity”.

The Green Card allows a non-resident of the United States to legally work and “garner a wage.” The process of obtaining this much desired card isn’t always so clear. From my brief knowledge of this process, there is some type of lottery involved to award a certain number of applicants with the card. This is where it helps to get some oustide advice from people that have a lot of experience navigating this system.

Having the abilitity to make money in a new country opens up whole new worlds of possibilities. If you have been looking to begin a new life in a new country making new friends and learning about different cultures, living and working abroad is the best way to do it. I believe there are many people like myself among this travel community, maybe you are one of them, that has long been considering pursuing travel and work in a new country.

Whether that country is the United States, somewhere in Asia, in Europe, or South America – I encourage you to take that leap. What are you more likely to regret not doing: taking the thrill of going to a new country and going down the road less traveled or staying on the well-worn road with pre-known conclusions?

With a little bit of guidance on the best way to ensure your success working abroad, your own courage, and determination to live the most exciting life that you know how – there will be nothing to stop you.

Go and make it happen, let the chips fall where they may 🙂