Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Wedding Planning 1I obviously can’t speak for EVERY girl, but I think it’s accurate to say that a lot of us dream about what our wedding may someday look like. Whether you’re in a committed relationship and things look to be heading in that direction, or single and loving it for the moment, or recently heartbroken and thinking about how things could be better, it’s probably crossed your mind at some point. The concepts of marriage and weddings and honeymoons can be exciting, or can be terrifying to some people, but I believe that they shouldn’t be. Take this plan for an example.

Wedding Planning 2


The nuptials themselves should take place somewhere that is familiar and comfortable for both parties. If you grew up in different places, it may necessitate making a choice between hometowns. Alternatively, if you met in university or in another environment that feels like an adoptive home to both of you, consider holding the wedding there (as long as the burden of travel isn’t too onerous on your friends and family). The location and style of the ceremony is entirely up to personal preference, and I’ll leave that to you to dream up exactly what it should look like. The basic generalities that most agree it should meet are that it be tasteful, elegant, and romantic, with an upbeat and lighthearted reception afterwards. If those traits don’t match your personalities, having an alternative ceremony can be fun, but just try to keep it within reason. You don’t want to look back at it years down the line and think of how silly or immature it was. Whatever you end up choosing, you want your guests to feel comfortable, you and your partner to be happy, and for the event to be as memorable (in a good way!) as possible.

Wedding Planning 3The honeymoon is the icing on the proverbial cake. As the costs of getting married continue to rise, it’s easy to be tempted to skimp out on an immediate vacation when there are bills to pay. That’s fine, as finances may dictate what is possible, but I recommend you try to go on a romantic trip for two as soon as is feasible. The destination could be anything imaginable, and is totally up to what the two of you are interested in. Many choose classic tropical beach holidays, with ample opportunity for romance and fun. Treat yourself on this special occasion and stay somewhere luxurious. Honeymoon vacation Costa Rica is a good option if that’s what you’re looking for. You can even go all out and have your whole wedding there, if you and your guests can make it happen. An alternative is to go on a backpacking adventure together. While this can contribute to a degree of stress when you should be feeling nothing but bliss, it is a more economical option and gives you infinite possibilities of where to go.

In the end, what’s important is that you and your partner are happy and in love. The traditions associated with marriage can be bent or broken, as long as you are committed and love each other. Good luck!