Romance on the Road can be Tough!

As a solo female traveler for over 2 years, I’ve come to adore the TONS of advantages of this lifestyle over the “cubicle” life that I left behind. Not being part of the rat race, sitting in rush hour traffic heading for a numbing 8-5 office existence…but rather teaching students in another culture, constantly learning each day, experiencing a life so rich with adventures, travel and relationships that I sometimes have to pinch myself to remember this is my real life. Traveling is such an easy way to meet people, to learn firsthand about a foreign culture, gain appreciation for how others live and have experiences you’ll never, ever forget.

But for all its amazing perks, there’s one thing that can be tough out there on the road: and ladies, I think you know what I’m talking about. Put your hands up if your group of friends at home are all getting hitched with a big diamond while you’re the one bounding around the world in a whirl of blissful, globetrotting singledom. I hear you!! It’s a blessing and a curse being a single gal on the road, because while there’s nothing like that sweet taste of freedom and fulfillment that comes from solo travel, you don’t really want to be alone forever! Here are a few tips for dealing with romance on the road:

Be Social If you think that traveling makes it harder to meet guys, think again! (and look around you!) There are tons of guys traveling out there- from those backpacking on a gap year to living and working abroad, and everything in between. Check out the common areas of your hostel, cook a meal, chat with the other guests. Most travelers are outgoing and friendly, ready to strike up a conversation with you- so just get to know some people! Even if they’re just passing through, you never know who you might click with- and keep in touch with later.

Get to Know Locals If you’ll be in a place for awhile, find the local hangouts where you’ll get to know the people who live there, rather than just those passing through. Try to learn some of the local language so you can break the ice with any guys you meet in their language! It can be a very interesting experience dating someone from another culture- you’re both bound to learn a lot, at least!

Keep an Open Mind Dating while traveling is definitely a whole other ball game from dating at home. You’ll meet and make connections with such a wide variety of people who may stay in your life only a short time- so keeping an open mind is essential! Get to know someone without expectations, and you may find yourself surprised that something more evolves naturally.

Above all… Love your Life as a Single Traveler! Hands down the top piece of advice I can give is to simply live in the moment, appreciate your life and take in every adventure that comes your way! No, you’re not settled down at home getting married and living the “typical” life- but that’s the point! You’ve leaped out of the proverbial box to take on an adventurous life others only dream of. If you live a life infused with passion and joy, you will draw similar others to you naturally- and your romance, when it comes, will change your life forever J