The Three-Hour Challenge at Universal Studios

Okay, so you land in Singapore in the middle of the day and decide that Universal Studios with your friends is Day 1’s first priority to start off your trip with a bang. Thing is, it’s about 3:30 in the afternoon and the park closes at 7. How do you maximize the entire amusement park without missing out in any of its must-do attractions?

First things first — as much as possible, try to schedule your Universal Studios trip on a weekday because the lines can get extremely long during weekends and holidays and that can pretty much eat up your park time. If you do end up there on a weekend, you’d have to just hope and pray that the amusement park gods will clear up the lines for you. But anyway, since you started at midday and you’d still need to take the MRT to get to Sentosa, you’d probably reach the park at around 4 in the afternoon giving you about 3 hours to enjoy the amusement park. Hence, you wouldn’t want any dilly-dallying in the park and make sure you get to experience all the fun rides before the park closes.

universal studios

Before leaving your hotel, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes and clothes that you don’t mind perspiring or getting wet in. Anyone who has been to hotel management school should know that it’s important to know the best way to get to the park as well. If you can, also try to eat before going to the park to lessen the lull time and expenses. If you’re travelling on a budget, you might find that the food choices inside the amusement park are quite unreasonable, and you’re not allowed to bring in food from outside the park so it’s really best to eat before going in. Besides, you wouldn’t want to have a heavy and full stomach while running around the place and being tossed about in the rides anyway. If you can, also try to buy your tickets online already so you can just go right inside once you get there. Lastly, try not to bring too much stuff with you, just the essentials: wallet, phone, and camera. There are lockers in the entrance for big bags, but if you’re on a budget, carrying just a small body bag will do so you can move around freely without spending on a locker. However, there are some rides that require you to leave everything behind. In those cases, get a small locker which are usually beside the rides and put everything in. Those ones are free of charge as long as you remember to take out your stuff before 30 minutes ends.

When you’re in, get a map and find your bearings. If you’re a thrill-seeker like me, you’d want to know where the heart-stopping rides are first before anything else and ride them as soon as you can, the other more relaxed rides can wait. Make sure you get on the following rides before the day ends:

1. Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cyclon

This is a MUST RIDE for everyone, and whether you’re big on roller coasters or not, you can still ride this one because there are two tracks to choose from. For those who aren’t big fans of roller coasters, try the Human or the red track, it’s a milder ride with fewer twists and loops but still a lot of fun. But for those who really get a kick out of being tossed and turned, the Cyclon or the blue track is for you! It’s a lot more thrilling to ride, with your feet dangling in the air and corkscrews and wild loops one after the other that’s sure to turn your world upside down!

Battleship Galactica

2. Transformers 3D Ride

If you enjoyed the movie, you’ll love this ride even morebecause you’ll definitely feel as if you’re part of the movie and the fight scenes are just awesome to be in the middle of!

Transformers 3D Ride

3. Revenge of the Mummy

This indoor roller coaster is filled with suspense as it takes you on a thrilling ride with surprises in every corner and every side!

The Mummy Returns

4. Jurassic Park Rapids

When you’re done with all the heart-stopping rides, this is a more relaxed way of cooling down but still be able to have fun with your friends as you get splashed through the rapids never knowing which side will get wet the most!

jurassic park rapids

Those four rides are definitely enough to get your heart racing and stomach turning. After you’ve ridden those four, you can opt to either ride them all again if you still have time, or try the other more subdued rides in the park.