Things you absolutely must take with you to Thailand

If you’re at work and your head is in the clouds dreaming of a trip to Thailand, you’d better pop back down to Earth for a bit, so that you can check out this list of items that you will definitely thank yourself for taking with you.

Thailand beach


Do you smell good? You won’t for long if you don’t take deodorant with you to Thailand. They don’t seem to sell it – at least probably not in the form you’ll be used to.  Couple that with the intense, humid heat of a long Thai summer and, well… y’know. If you read this and think “Oh I’ll be fine”, don’t say I didn’t warn you! The reason they don’t have deodorant in forms that we recognise, or so I’m told by the locals, is that they ‘don’t sweat like farang (foreigners).’ The truth of this matter was needless to say, difficult to determine.


An Empty Bag/Suitcase

This isn’t on that many lists, but I believe it to be essential. Whether you’re backpacking long-term or only staying for a couple of weeks, an empty bag is necessary, as whether you believe it or not, you’ll be picking up lots of cool things on your travels. Souvenirs are the name of the game here – Walking through even the most modest of Thai markets can easily land you with two or three incredible bargains, which you won’t want to turn down. Even if you think you won’t buy anything, it’s better to be safe than sorry – there’s nothing worse than trying to find a space in your suitcase for that wooden elephant you bought for aunt Brenda.


Mosquito Repellent

Though you can buy this in Thailand, I’d definitely suggest taking some with you anyway – The main reason being that you probably won’t have enough experience with Thai language to understand the strength and quality of what you’re buying. When you do buy your mozzie spray, make sure that the concentration of deet (the active ingredient which deters the little blighters), is high enough to be effective. Please make sure to consult with your doctor about the necessary pre-trip medical requirements. More information about deet based repellents can be found here.


Breakfast Tea

Being born in the UK, for me this needs no explanation.


An Open Mind

Thai culture is by far, the most accommodating I’ve ever experienced and if you head into it with an open mind, you’re very likely to have an incredible time. This is definitely the most important thing on the list and while I acknowledge that it’s a little cliché, it’s fundamental to your absolute enjoyment of such an interesting country. So get out there and eat yourself some toasted insects.


Getting to Thailand itself couldn’t be easier – with regular flights from Stanstead airport to Bangkok, you can have a relatively trouble-free experience travelling, as well as being able to park your car with relative ease.