Top five places to visit in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There’s enough for everyone to ensure fun Florida holidays, people come for many different reasons; the theme parks, the beaches, the nightlife, the scenery and of course the weather! Here are five of the best places to go to in Florida:

1) Walt Disney World

It seems like the obvious top choice, but it’s the most popular attraction for a reason. This is one place that you have to see, some might be sceptical but until you’ve been you shouldn’t pass judgement! Of course you will have to queue to get on rides, spend a little over your budget and be on your feet all day. But it doesn’t matter how much you love the beach, the peace and quiet, Disney has touched all of out lives in someway or another. There’s something about this place that brings out our inner child, so make your way to Walt Disney World and have a great time! You’ll even end up buying some disney merchandise that you never dreamed of owning!

2) Miami

This city is fantastic! It is definitely the most Latin city in the world north of Mexico. There a great mix of cultures here from Cuba, Haiti and Colombia. The architecture, the diversity and of Biscayne bay make Miami and must see for everyone everywhere!


3) Key West

There’s always a party happening in Key West. It’s a vibrant and tolerant place. Key Wet’s motto is ‘One Human Family’, that is taken to mean that there is a mutual respect for all people; all colours, religions, gay, straight and everything else that exists.

4) The Everglades

Some people wrongly dismiss the Everglades as being nothing more than swamp land. May would argue that the beauty on show beats everything Miami has to offer. You don’t go air boating here, you can canoe, bike kayak and walk around the park. You can also try to catch a glimpse of an alligator whilst learning about this remarkable ecosystem that continues to wow everyone that visits.

5) Sanibel Island

This island offers the ideal beach escape, you don’t need have a car to get around, there are over 23 miles of path that have been dedicated for biking. These paths give you access to the whole island. If you’re feeling hungry then look no further than one of the quaint beach shacks where you can chow down on some tasty seafood and drink some grate wine. It’s the perfect place to go and relax for the day.