Tips for buying Florida theme park tickets

Here are some ticket purchasing tips that will help you to get the most out of the money you have put aside for your holiday trip.


1) Buy online

If you look online at the major attractions or theme park websites, you will find the best deals. On the websites you will see specials, discount vouchers and if you book online you’ll more than likely be given a discount for using the internet to book.

2) Be wary of Online Discount ticket sites

These sites are best approached with caution. Remember that appearances can be very deceiving! A lot of the time the prices on discount ticket sites look fantastic when you compare them to the get price of the park. The reason for this is simple, they usually do not include taxes, the price you first see is without tax. Even if they can offer you the cheaper price with out charging you taxes, these sites will then charge you for postage and packaging. You then have to be aware that you might not get your tickets, they could be fake, they might not even be valid for the dates you want. If you book your Florida Park tickets direct from the official attraction sites your mind is at was because you’re getting the real thing!

3) Look out for special deals

The theme parks and attractions in Florida regularly run promotions and advertise special deals. Some go into partnership with a major company like pepsi and others offer special deals on certain days of the week. The best place find out about these promotions is on the official website. You can even sign up for a newsletter that will let you know all about the special offers.

4) Be wary of Discounted Ticket booths and fake tickets

Due to the fact that ticket prices increase year after year everyone who visits Florida is looking to find a good deal. One rule to remember is that if something sounds too good to be true, it is! So many visitors are tricked each year into buying fake tickets through sellers offering discount tickets. Anyone purchasing these tickets will lose their money, the loss is usually hundreds of dollars. If this happens to you it will ruin your holiday even before you have stepped food inside the park, it’s better to be safe than sorry and pay the correct price through the official channels. The usia trick used by the discounted booths is to sell used tickets that they claim have left over days on them, most of the time these tickets are not valid. You cannot check at the point of purchase if the tickets are still valid. Everyday visitors will fall victim to these scams, to make sure you have a great time make sure you’re not one of them!