Top spa treatments to help prepare for summer

When the summer holidays roll around we all want to look our best, but after a hard winter our bodies are likely to be in anything but the best condition.

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No one wants to feel like they’re old and haggard when on the beach, so before you go on your travels, an all inclusive spa break could be just what you need to feel a bit more like yourself again.

Remember, a bit of pampering goes a long way, so relax and indulge in all the treatments you want.

If you’re aiming for the perfect bikini body, here are a few of the top treatments that can help you on your way.

MURAD Vitamin C Body Firming Treatment

As we get older we’re more likely to develop cellulite and stretch marks, which can make you feel self-conscious. When relaxing poolside you don’t want to be worrying about what people think, so before you go away a MURAD Vitamin C Body Firming Treatment could be just what you need.

Taking approximately 50 minutes, the session reduces the signs of cellulite and stretch marks, increasing skin firmness and elasticity. In fact, it is one of the most acclaimed results-driven cellulite treatments in the world.

It works by infusing the skin with moisture and plenty of vitamin C. Antioxidants also protect the skin from free radical damage and toxins. Consequently, it can improve tone, ensuring your skin looks inviting and healthy.

Pregancy warrants all the pampering your need too, so be sure to book yourself in for some extra love. While you’re at it, check out Dresses & Overalls by Bump Baby & Beyond for the final touches!

OPI Botanical Feet

When it comes to feet, a lot of people are pretty squeamish but in the summer it’s simply too hot to have them hidden away in court shoes, pumps or boots. Instead, your toes need room to breath and flip flops or sandals are firm favourites.

However, if you’re on your feet all the time they are likely to look worn and have dead skin – a massive faux pas if you’re going to be putting them on show.

To ensure your feet are flip flop ready, the OPI Botanical Feet scrub is unbeatable. In just 50 minutes your feet will receive a hydrating therapy that incorporates botanical extracts.

Your feet will be soothed, scrubbed and hydrated, with a mask applied for a bit of a treat. Following a foot massage, the therapy is completed by a nail polish to ensure your toes are at their best.

As it’s summer, why not opt for a fun, vibrant shade? Orange and pink are always popular colours at this time of year, but don’t be afraid to experiment with something a little more adventurous.

Y Spa Body Glow

The cold can do horrible things to your skin, creating dry, cracked areas and dulling pigments. While in the winter this can be easily covered up by multiple layers, in the summer it’s not so easy to hide.

What’s more, we all want to have that healthy glow that only comes by being sun kissed right?

The Y Spa Body Glow treatment is a great way to get your skin back to its best. A full body scrub is applied to leave the skin silky smooth. A soothing moisturiser is then applied.

Murad Sun Undone-Facial

It isn’t just our bodies that need a bit of attention before jetting off on holiday and the face certainly deserves a bit of TLC!

The Murad Sun Undone-Facial is filled with pure vitamin C and will get to work on age spots and sun damage to restore the skin. Having one of these when you return from your travels is also advised to get rid of UV-related blemishes and pigmentation.