Cultural hotspots of the world

The thought of travelling the world and exploring exotic locations is enough to get the pulse racing for any adventuring holidaymaker. Whether you’re getting to know some of the world’s most ancient residents (step forward, Egyptian mummies) or navigating a dense bazaar with traders calling out from all sides (that’s you, Bodrum market), nothing beats the experience of learning about another culture.

Picking up the Pyraminds

But for many worldly adventurers, there’s often one thing that stands in the way: cost. Even getting to a far-flung location can be frustratingly expensive. But book your holiday for 2013 withCosmos, follow the location tips below and you can have a cheap experience as well as a cultural one.


Aside from booking a cheap flight out to Egypt, there is a multitude of methods you can employ in order to reduce costs. When eating, try venturing off the beaten path with its generic restaurants – these are likely to be underwhelming and expensive.

If you’re looking to explore the local culture, you’ve got to experience the tombs and the pyramids. A good cost-cutting piece of advice is to arrange for a guide at the hotel to take you round all the best sites. Not only is the cost of entry included but you’ll save a lot of time deciding what to do in which order. Attractions such as camel rides are generally negotiable but whatever you do, always ascertain the cost before doing anything and then stick to it.


The sights, the sounds, the smells – it could only be Bodrum market. This is an ideal location for a culture enthusiast on a budget as flights to Turkey tend to be excellent value. Despite its proximity to Europe, the country is a world away from anything else you’re likely to experience there. Head straight for the market in order to experience the hustle and bustle of local life.

Here, you’ll find an unending amount of objects for extremely cheap prices including trinkets , kitchenware and the famous Turkish carpets. Note the way the two ends of the carpet are stitched in different styles. The creators are always told to start in a particular way, but are often permitted to choose their own method of completing the work.

Simply wandering around the stalls and chatting to the owners is an excellent way to get your culture fix.


If you’re after something more than sun worshipping in Croatia, Dubrovnik is a great place to visit. Experience stunning architecture, spectacular monasteries and a whole host of churches, museums and fountains – many of which can be observed or explored for free.

It’s important to note that the city’s success was built on trade. At one point, its port rivalled Venice in terms of traffic. With this in mind, be sure to visit one of the many maritime attractions located in Dubrovnik. Jumping on a boat for a trip to one of the nearby Elaphiti Islands also makes for an enjoyable day.