Visakha Bucha Day in Thailand


To really get the best experience in any country, it’s best to visit when there’s something exciting happening. This could be a holiday, celebration or event – anything, really, which makes a place come alive and shows it off as a place of vibrant beauty. And there’s no event which does this better for Thailand than Visakha Bucha Day in Koh Samui. During this event you can easily find great hotels in Koh Samui with luxury accommodation at discount prices near the festival.

About Visakha Bucha Day

Because the majority of residents in Koh Samui originate from different areas, there is no cohesive cultural tradition which can be observed throughout the region. However national holidays tend to be the exception, and are celebrated throughout Koh Samui just as they are elsewhere in Thailand.

Visakha Bucha Day takes place during the full moon of the sixth lunar month, which in 2013 is the 17th of May. It is a national holiday which commemorates the life of the Lord Buddha – his birth, enlightenment and death. It’s celebrated in temples all around Thailand, and these beautiful, elaborate festivities can be observed close up in Koh Samui.

Visakha Bucha day is perhaps the most important day for Buddhists all over the world, and involves various different elements of celebration conducted both within and outside of the numerous temples to be found in Koh Samui and other temples throughout Thailand. Markets are also set up, from which vendors are able to sell statues, icons and other religious artefacts, as well as food and treats. Trees are decorated with paper and lights, and processions will wind their ways through town centres before reaching the temples. Rituals will be performed to honour the life and teachings of the Buddha, and festivities will take place later in the evening.

Enjoying Visakha Bucha Day as a Tourist

Visakha Bucha day is a Buddhist holiday, but anyone can take part in the celebrations. However it’s important to remember that, as a religious festival, appropriate behaviour must be observed. Thailand has strict guidelines for tourists about what constitutes appropriate behaviour, especially when it comes to consuming alcohol, so make sure you abide by the local laws and be respectful of local customs.

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