Ensure a multi centre holiday to Egypt goes without a hitch

If you’ve always wanted to visit Egypt, chances are you’d like to see more than the famous Pyramids of Giza alone, which is why a multi centre break is just the ticket for many intrepid travellers. These sorts of holidays allow you to explore a number of locations, rather than being based in a single spot.

The pyramids in egypt

To make sure this type of holiday goes smoothly, it’s important to plan your getaway carefully. Read on for a step-by-step guide to ensuring you’re fully prepared.

Choose the right holiday provider

Guaranteeing your break is memorable for all the right reasons will first of all mean finding the right holiday provider. Browse the web, sift through magazines and call into travel agents to find out more about the companies you’re interested in booking a break with.

The professionalism of the staff, how good their website is and the deals they have on offer will all give you an idea of how good the firm is, but it’s also worth taking the time to look at reviews. Check the company is registered with the Association of British Travel Agents and other professional bodies like the International Air Transport Association, to give you some reassurance the firm is trustworthy and operates legally.

Find the right package

If you’re keen to see plenty of Egypt during your stay, look at packages that divide your time between two or more destinations. A twin centre Egyptian holiday to Cairo City and Sharm El Sheikh Beach might be one option you consider, but you could also combine a Nile cruise with stays in Cairo and Luxor.

Compare packages from travel firms to figure out which appeal to you the most, and take a look at how the prices vary for the services you’ll get. For instance, some breaks include a number of excursions or meals. It’s also worth checking out the accommodation you’ll potentially be staying in, so look for gallery images or reviews.

Be prepared

Heading overseas is an exciting prospect, but it’s important to be aware of the differences in cultures when you visit somewhere like Egypt. Making sure you know what local customs are should ensure you keep out of trouble, so be prepared to dress conservatively during your time in the nation, for example.

You’ll also need to check the entry requirements for your visit; there are certain areas of Egypt that holidaymakers can visit with a British passport for up to 14 days on a tourist break, but other regions will require you to have a visa. It’s also wise to take out an insurance policy that will cover you for emergency medical treatment, loss or theft of any possessions you take with you, and repatriation. A few months before you’re due to travel, arrange a doctor’s appointment to check whether you’ll need any immunisations before you depart.

In advance of your trip, you should register with the British Embassy’s LOCATE service and tell them when you will be travelling to Egypt and where you will be staying, so you can get help in an emergency should you need to.

You might also want to organise your itinerary in advance, which your holiday firm can help you with. Many travel companies will arrange excursions as part of all inclusive holiday packages to Egypt, or recommend companies for day trips if you want to have a go at scuba diving, take a guided tour of an ancient site or visit a budget-friendly restaurant, for example.