2 Tips for first time travel to China

The number of tourists choosing China as their destination is increasing year after year. It is a fantastic place to visit, with the country being so vast you are sure to experience many new types of culture when choosing China as your holiday destination. Due to the increased demand for holidays in China, the number of choices open to tourists has also increased. For example, Wendy Wu China Holidays give you an idea of just how upmarket travel has become. This company like many, like many others, offers all inclusive holidays and tours. There is something for all budgets. After you have chosen your accommodation it’s time to learn about China, even though we know more about China today than we did twenty years ago, the prospect of travelling to such an unknown place can be dating for some. Below are 2 top tips for first time visitors to China.


1. The language barrier

One of the biggest challenges people face when travelling is overcoming the language barrier. This is more difficult to overcome in China because it is often the case that there is no way to communicate in English with the locals. It is always a good idea to learn a few simple words or phrases when travelling, for China this is pretty much essential. If you have the time you should try to attend a few Mandarin classes before you depart, this will pay dividers when you arrive. You can always bring some items to help; a Mandarin Chinese phrasebook, an English to Chinese and Chinese to English pocket dictionary, and even a translator app will help you out in some situations. Always remember to carry the card for your hotel or guesthouse, when you get a taxi 99% of the time English will not help you at all.

2. Plan your itinerary

China is such a huge country, it’s hards to comprehend just how big it is! China has the world’s highest mountains, some of the largest deserts, remote jungles, endless grasslands and most notably the world’s largest and most populated cities. Realistically you would need more that a year to see the whole of the country properly. It is a good idea not to try and go on a whistle stop tour of as many places as you can fit in, you will on skim the surface of China if you do that. Try to choose one region or just one province, then plan to explore it as best as possible. The most popular choices of places to explore would be; Sichuan, Guangxi or Beijing. These places are big enough and interesting enough to keep you busy and still wanting more by the time you have to go home.