5 Destinations where your money will go further

Travelling is amazing but we all want to go to the cheapest destinations possible to stretch out money out that little bit extra. Funding it is can be the tricky part (although secured personal loans could be an option if you’re financially savvy). Here are 5 destinations where you’re likely to get the most bang for your buck!!

john ward thailand
Beautiful Thailand

1. Thailand

Thailand has always been known as a destination for backpackers and tourists looking for a good old cheap trip.There are Bangkok hotels and cheap dorm rooms in the capital, which makes this a bargain hunter’s paradise. While visiting Thailand don’t forget to take advantage of the great discount prices to get the most out of your money.

2. Bulgaria

Places like Sunny Beach on the Black Sea Rivera is a frugalista traveler’s hedonistic playground. Beer in Bulgaria is seriously dirt cheap. We are talking about less than $1 per liter of beer territory here. Forgot to book a hotel before you touched down in Bulgaria, no problem… rooms normally go for around $20 per night and for that price you might even get a sea view. If Sun and sea aren’t your thing there’s always the ski slopes with some of the cheapest skiing in Europe!

3. Morocco

In particular Marrakech is superb for picking up a bargain or 2. Morocco is a mecca for home decorating where store owners sell anything from rugs to amazing lamp shades and even exotic spices and herbs and amazingly cheap prices. The French have been visiting for ages and bring back a tonne of the stuff.

If you’ve got a tight budget I would recommend a visit to the world famous Djmaa el Fina at night to soak up some relatively cheap market stall meals. During the day try the freshly squeezed Orange Juice which is simply to die for!!

4. Cambodia

If you think Thailand is cheap, wait until you’ve stepped foot into Cambodia. Meals can go as cheap as $1 and the tourist attractions are pretty amazing. Don’t forget to visit Angkor Wat and if you really want to get away from it all Sihanoukville offers exactly what you might expect in a Thai beach destination, only cheaper, who can’t complain about that!!


5. Ukraine

All I’ll say about the Ukraine is that it may not be the top of everyone’s to see list but does have the cheapest beer in Europe!! Now that’s something to cheer about!!!