Best action sports holidays

An action sports holiday is the perfect getaway for a thrill-seeker – whether you’re a seasoned adventure sports enthusiast or a beginner looking for a new hobby, there’s plenty of exciting activities and sports to try your hand at.

Mountain biking in Morocco
Mountain biking in Morocco

It’s second nature to arrange travel insurance so that you’re covered if you’re taken ill or have an injury (although you should make sure your policy covers your extreme sports activity), your trip is cancelled or you have any possessions lost or stolen. What people don’t always think about is life insurance, and this is especially important if you regularly take part in sports or hobbies that could be perceived as dangerous, such as motor sports, scuba diving or rock climbing. You should make sure you’re covered so that if something happens while you’re away, your dependents will be guaranteed a secure future and covered for paying off a mortgage etc. You can compare different policies at

So let’s take a look at some of the best action sports holidays out there:

Snowboarding in France

Tignes in the French Alps is the perfect place to go to for a snowboarding holiday for those of all abilities. With a lot of varying terrain, a lake, a glacier and a good snow record to top it off, it is one of the major resorts in France and hosts both national and international events.

There are UK chartered physiotherapists on site as well as plenty of alternative activities for days with bad weather or if you fancy a change of scenery. In Tignes Le Lac there’s a fitness centre, Turkish baths and a swimming pool plus a bowling alley and a cinema in Val Claret.

There are several snowboarding schools offering lessons to beginners as well as those at intermediate and advanced levels in Tignes. Find out more about your options here.

Mountain biking in Morocco

Discover the beautiful Moroccan landscapes on a thrilling mountain biking adventure! Explore the beauty of the Atlas mountains, rocky gorges, sand dunes, valleys, forests and rivers on a challenging but rewarding quest in this stunning country.

The best time for a mountain biking holiday in Morocco is during the winter months, which fall between November and April. During this time the temperature will be around 20-25°C, dropping at night to as low as – 5°C. In the summer months, temperatures reach 38°C; a little hot when you’re having action-packed days!

As Morocco is a Muslim country, be considerate when choosing clothing to take with you so that you respect local customs. Don’t wear any revealing clothing, and it’s advisable for men and women to cover their knees, shoulders and upper arms.

Whale shark diving in Mozambique

Mozambique has stunning coastlines, beautiful beaches and amazing diving opportunities. On the southern coast you have Tofo Beach, a five mile stretch of sand with year-round sunshine; while off the north coast lies the Quirimbas Archipelago, made up of 34 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean. You’ll find unspoilt beaches and corals perfect for diving and fishing.

You’ll find whale sharks and manta rays in the water in larger numbers through the summer, particularly in November and March. Humpback whales can be seen from mid-June till mid-October. The diving package from Xtreme Gap Year includes 27 dives in four weeks and unlimited sea safaris with experienced guides.

No matter how fit and healthy you are, after getaways like these that are full of action, sports and adventure you’re likely to be worn out and potentially quite achy. So make sure you factor in some time to recover, and if possible treat yourself to a massage to relax those tired muscles.