Unique Holidays for all the Family


log cabin


Enjoy some time with your family while tucked away from modern hustles and bustles of cities yet not being deprived of luxuries deep in the heart of English quintessential countryside. As mans first progress from living in caves, log cabins have over time improved to meet modern day essentials which include hot water pools, spa treatments and sports complexes.  A log cabin in the forest is a perfect example of classic family holiday experience.

There is a wide variety of cabins to choose from lakeside hideaways to wild cabins well hidden in the woods. If you have young children the lodges at Coombe Mill, St Breward Bodmin in Cornwall are in a working farm where children can enjoy playing with miniature donkeys and the whole family can enjoy daily tractor rides through the thick woodland, meadows and gardens.

The Greenway lodge, Kilv, Somerset is luxurious and well perched on the Quantock Hills and has pleasant views of the surrounding lush gardens. Treat your family to this luxurious cabin and you will never regret it.


Cyprus is a dream destination for many and holidays in Cyprus are like stepping into a whole new world of fun and excitement. It is anchored meticulously in the Mediterranean with loads of sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes and ancient historical sites. It is an exotic destination and centrally located due to its proximity to Turkey and Lebanon.

The Protara region in Larnaca is a family favorite due to its long stretches of sandy beaches, shallow waters where kids can swim comfortably and restaurants that are child friendly. It is also a place where you will find craggy rock formations, coves and caves that you and your family can explore. You can also take a boat ride from here to the forgotten town of Famagusta for a spooky family fun.

Paphos is an ideal historical destination. It boasts of ancient catacombs and the Aphrodite rock claimed to be the birthplace of the goddess. If you move to southwest from here you will find Limassol which has fine sandy stretch, a quaint village and a kid friendly water park.


Rajasthan is one of the most fantastic destinations for families in India. You will enjoy mingling with locals and be wowed  by dozens of colorful saris, get lost in the gold embellished palaces, wonder in the blue painted city of Jodhpur as the children enjoy the wide variety of fun transport options from elephants and camels to auto rickshaws. Rajasthan also boasts of some of the best family friendly accommodations in India. It is here that you can enjoy a trek through the desert or simply discover Jantar Mantar which contains instruments that were used to measure time and as an observatory for constellations. The articulate calculations of time by the striking sundial are absolutely a mystery. Discover how the people of this region calculated eclipses with the limited knowledge they had. Visit the living Jaisalmer Fort and explore its palaces and carless streets packed with handicrafts and stores.