Sole Travelling for Women in Melbourne

A lady alone in the Land Down Under can have a blast mingling with the locals while staying in her own little world. The helpful folks at HostelBookers have Melbourne hotels that welcome single women with safe and clean accommodations in a fun atmosphere. Whether you want to stretch your legs in the great outdoors, retreat into quiet contemplation of the universe or hang out at the coolest bar in town, Melbourne offers ample attractions for ladies traveling solo!

women in melbourne

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City Circle Tram

Start off your adventure with a tour of Melbourne aboard the classic maroon and green gold-trimmed streetcars (or the elaborately decorated Karachi-style streetcar developed for the Commonwealth Games) on free 45-minute loop around the city center. Leaving every 12 minutes, you can hop on and off as often as you want to explore destinations like the Hub at Harbour Esplanade where you can stock up on brochures, walking tour maps and admire the docks. Stroll along Flinders Street to view impressive baroque architecture and shop till you drop at Victoria Gardens Shopping Center.

Royal Botanic Gardens 

Nature puts on her finery at this spectacular formal garden that hosts fabulous free events like Shakespearian plays, harp minstrels and art exhibitions that reflect the seasons. With so much to do in this fascinating mini-paradise, why not stay at the charming, yet affordable, Albany Hotel Melbourne in the same neighborhood? Their enchanting junior rooms are specially designed for single travelers and the rooftop swimming pool provides a perfect ending to a day spent outdoors. Recharge with their delicious buffet breakfast before heading out to see what’s up today at the Gardens!

Chill on Ice Lounge

Prepare to be bundled up in a warm designer cape before entering this -10 degrees Celsius ice lounge and ski lodge in the Southgate Complex on the Yarra River. Because of the frigid temps and frequent fan-forced blizzards, visits are limited to 30 minutes, just enough time to gulp down a few arctic-themed cocktails while admiring the state-of-the-art lighting and exquisitely carved ice sculptures framing the cool decor. To thaw out, step over to the Chill On Ski Lodge for a warm beverage and a hearty meal while enjoying a great view of Melbourne.

Melbourne Planetarium

Take a trip to the stars without leaving your custom-made recliner as you watch the Digistar II program project a virtual 3-D universe on the overhead dome. The cutting-edge computer graphics present a 360 degree panoramic view of the heavens and the theater quality surround-sound brings space phenomenon like the aurora borealis to life. You can take the Werribee train to Spotswood where it is a ten-minute walk to Scienceworks on Booker Street. Shows are held daily and there are occasional adults-only events with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Melbourne Zoo

Walk on the wild side and admire the animal kingdom in beautifully recreated natural habitat exhibits at this world-class award-winning zoo. Take the Trail of Elephants through a lush Asian-style village to meet the five resident pachyderms, get face to face with penguins and fur seals at the Wild Sea Aquarium or check out the primates swinging from the trees at the Baboon Lookout or the Orang-utan Sanctuary. Along the way you can savor the beautiful landscaping that includes over 70,000 different plants, some of which are harvested for the resident animal’s food supply, and learn about sustainable gardening and the surprising survival techniques of plants that thrive in the harsh Australian bush country.