Exotic Adventure around the World




The Amazon River is a great wonder hidden in the deep rainforest jungle of the Amazon region. It is an unspoilt version of what the natural world should be: man and nature coexisting. A river cruise down the  Amazon can be an unforgettable adventure of a life time; like taking part in a live broadcasting of the Discovery Channel.

Start your trip from the heart of Peru’s rainforest aboard a luxurious voyage boat and slip through intricate jungle waterways, peer up towering jungle trees as you try to get a glimpse at the different bird species and bask in the glorious sunsets on the still waters of the Amazon River basin.

You will spot the legendary wildlife that is synonymous with this mighty jungle including the pink and grey dolphins, monk saki monkeys, piranhas and the endangered macaws. You will also encounter local tribe’s people and be awed by their strange culture, age old traditions and their creative handicraft.


This is a land full of breathtaking wonders; towering mountains, snow-capped peaks, rugged valleys majestic glaciers, awesome lakes and spectacular gorges. Nature lovers will find holidays in Kyrgyzstan irresistible and inspiring.

The Ala Archa Canyon is grand and naturally rugged with numerous hiking trails; it is within the National Park hence you will also have an advantage of exploring other attractions nearby such as glaciers and peaks. There are numerous trails from which you can access the gorge; the Upper Arla Archa is a splendid base for skiing and adventure.

Lake Issyk-Kul is another popular attraction and has some thermal springs and spas nearby. From the town of Karaokol you can access the lake via some of the best hiking trails in Central Asia. A number of wildlife animals can also be spotted in this region including the bears, wild cats and ibex.

Other attractions include rich culture and history. The Holy Trinity Cathedral enjoys a mixed history of destruction and reconstruction. Its majestic five colorful onion domes and intricate architecture are key details that attract crowds to this place.


The Bahamas Islands offer a broad variety of attractions for all kinds of travelers; adventures, discovery and relaxation experiences. And with all the major airlines flying there, from British Airways to US Airways, you can be sure of arriving in style and comfort.

Stay in the exotic Camalane Cay Island in the Bahamas and enjoy an isolated paradise surrounded by crystal clear waters and lush green palm trees. Take a relaxing stroll along the beach and enjoy sunbathing and the magnificent sunsets while seated along the beach. It is the perfect picture of a brilliant holiday.

Spend time discovering the underwater marine life by diving or snorkeling, and if you are not trained in this type of adventure just learn from the certified pros. The diverse marine life and 100 feet visibility gives you an unforgettable adventure.

In the evenings you can dine like a king and enjoy gourmet cuisines and extravagant wines in the Great House restaurant as you take in the elegant atmosphere around you.

This is just but one of the intoxicating islands the Bahamas offers you. Pick from aptly named Paradise Island, the mysterious Acklins Islands, Green Turtle Clay, Blue Lagoon Island among others.