Are You Ready for Adventure? Outdoor Activities for Families Abroad.

When traveling is a solo act and the only person needing entertainment is you, exploring the world is a relatively simple task with appropriate preparations.  Traveling as a family, on the other hand, can be a difficult chore if approached from the wrong angle. Creating the right balance of physical and mental stimulation for the entire household requires a dedication to both patience and compromise. For most of us, the most challenging chore has a very simple answer. There are fantastic companies that have done the heavy lifting for us; finding the most rewarding outdoor activities for families.

What you inevitably chose is right for your family and yourself depends on three conditions: What season your destination is, how old is the youngest in your group, the overall fitness level of your family. There is ample selection available, catered to every taste, age and personal desire. Ranging from overnight stays in wilderness cabins to festive and intimate visit with Santa, every flavor of vacation is thoroughly researched and ready to accommodate your adventurous desires.


Being adventurous is not about lying alone on a beach, dismissing the needs of the rest of your family. It is about finding those less traveled-to locations and forging a lasting memory that both you and your children will share for years to come. With a smile on your face and a desire to embrace a pleasant challenge with your clan, summer activities array from rafting in the Bavarian Alps to exploring the dramatic Icelandic landscape on horseback.

Personally, I find the hotels in Iceland to be of particular interest. Having been built with the preservation of the natural scenery (at considerable cost to the hotels), a magnificent scene of icy mountaintops and snowy grasslands flowing seamlessly into elegant architecture. Appreciation to the communal relationship between humanity and wildlife, the Icelandic reverence of the beauty of nature is alluring to anyone that finds splendor in the world around us.


Winter is hardly ignored, with cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and even reindeer expeditions available at your whim. How many times in your life have you heard of the northern lights? Do you really think the experience can be captured in the moment brought by a camera? Can you appreciate the flowing elegance and sheer grandeur of a sky filled with brilliant hues of blues and greens on a video screen? Take hold of reality and experience something that simply cannot be simulated. An adventure not contained in a flimsy Polaroid, but lived in sheer bliss time and time again in memories that fill your body with shivers of glee.