What You Should Know When Travelling to Munich

When you visit Munich you’ll want to take in all of the top attractions and sights so that your holiday will be a complete experience and one that is memorable.  You can walk from many of the landmarks to the next one which makes getting around a simple task that is also beneficial to your budget.  Let’s take a look at some of the basic information that will help make your visit to Munich a more rewarding and informative one.


Munich Basics

Some of the basic information that you should know about Munich can help to make your visit more interesting.  Some of the facts that will interest you are:

  • It’s Germany’s third largest city
  • Munich has the second highest number of people who work in Germany
  • It has ten Universities and over 45 museums for you to visit
  • About 85% of Munich was destroyed by bombing during WW II but it has been rebuilt and is now thriving and prosperous
  • The main language is German but English is widely spoken in restaurants, hotels, and shops

The Weather and Climate

Munich weather is very different from the climate of the Mediterranean in that you’ll have more of a chance of rain during the summer rather than the winter months.  In the summertime, you can expect to find moderate temperatures so light sweaters and jackets are a must for the evening.  You’ll find cold temperatures during the winter months in Munich and some temperatures that are quite cold with grey skies.  For Oktoberfest celebrations you can expect warm days and cool evenings so be sure to take clothing that will make you comfortable no matter the time of day.

Tips for your services in restaurants are usually included in your bill but you can add an additional 5% if the service has been exceptional.  It’s important to note also that many of Munich’s museums are closed on Mondays so you should plan your visits to the ones that you can enjoy accordingly.  You can find Internet access in most hotels and in the train station with a small fee for usage.  It’s wise to pick up any literature or research the areas around Munich that you’d like to see before you go so that you can plan day trips to nearby attractions.  You’ll find a plethora of opportunities to visit castles, and historic churches in the greater Munich area when you travel there.

Your Munich sightseeing agenda should include some things off the beaten path which will give you a local flavour of the town and all that it has to offer.  Take a roof tour of the Olympic Stadium, visit the Dachau Concentration Camp, or take a trip to the Andechs Monastery and Brewery where you can take a tour and learn about the history of the area.  You’ll find plenty of museums and galleries to capture your interest and make your holiday memorable.

Get the most of your Munich holiday by planning ahead and taking what you need to be comfortable at the top attractions and nearby areas rich in history and tradition.

Image courtesy of:  FreeDigitalPhotos.net noppasinw