Having a Unique Swedish Adventure

When people hear that you’re going to Sweden, they automatically assume you’ll be going to Stockholm, Gothenburg, or Malmö, which of course are very beautiful and interesting cities in their own right and if you’re going to Sweden, you should definitely stop by those cities. But the beauty of travelling is seeing not only the places and attractions that are frequented by most tourists when they are on vacation, but being able to immerse yourself in the lives of the locals and seeing their country’s less popular sites.

horse farm in Skane

At the southernmost tip of Sweden, a heartbeat away from Denmark is Skåne, a county filled with beautiful patches of greenery and lakes, embellished with castles, parks, and gardens. But what I found most interesting in my visit to Skåne was the very out-of-character camp site located in the municipality of Höör called Lone Star Konferenscenter. It was like stepping into a scene in the Wild Wild West with its Texan ranch-like ambiance. If you’re going to come here though, you better make sure you’re with a group of fun and game people because you guys will be in for a big adventure!

It’s best to come here with a big group so that you can compete with each other in the several activities that you can do around the site. Overnight stays are encouraged to maximize the experience but even just a whole day affair would still be loads of fun. Packages range from about 300-1000 SEK ($45-$150) per person depending on how long you’ll be staying and the number of activities you’ll be doing.

You start the day off with a short background of the site and a mini tour around the vicinity, after which, you’d be divided into groups and go on to your Lone Star adventure! Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes you can move around and get dirty with, have a small towel, a bottle of water, and a packed sandwich or light finger food would come in handy too. Some of the activities include:

1. Axe Throwing

You basically throw an axe to a log target and make sure you don’t hit anyone as you do! The axes are real and are VERY sharp!

2. Archery
Who would have thought aiming and shooting an arrow would be so impossible? I barely hit the target which was no more than 5 feet away from me.

3. Caber toss
This is a mini version of the Scottish log-throwing sport but don’t underestimate these small logs, they are a lot heavier than they seem and are very difficult to toss!

4. Blow Dart
This was one of the easier and simpler activities but still a lot of fun!

5. Crane Stacking
The most difficult challenge of all was the crane-stacking. You basically need to stack 42 cranes on top of each other while sitting on them without falling or getting out of balance. One slip and you and the cranes all fall down!

There are a lot more activities such as riding the mechanical bull, learning how to lasso a horse, horseshoe tossing, tug-o-war, river-crossing, and so much more!