It’s time to head to Mexico!

I stumbled upon a video recently while I was surfing the internet and it instantly brought back so many memories about my last trip to Mexico. I never stop thinking about the amazing time I had there; meeting the people, gorging on the tasty food and lapping up the sites. If you’re planning a holiday and are yet to decide on a destination then take a look at Mexico, you will not be disappointed!

mexico 2

I’ve put the video in down below, if you have a few minutes you should definitely visit the page because there are a number of videos about so many different places in Mexico. All have their own unique qualities and leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits. If you’re like me then you’ll watch each video a few times trying to figure out which place is the best, it’s a tough choice when all contenders are so strong!

I have so any friends that have visited Mexico and not one of them has a bad word to say about the place. The one factor that always shines through when I speak to everyone about Mexico is just how laid back the way of life is over there which in turn means that the local people are truly fantastic. I believe that the people can make or break a country, they are the people you will interact with on a daily basis and make you feel welcome. You won’t get a warmer welcome anywhere in the world than Mexico, so throw yourself in feet first and embrace everything that this magical country has to offer you.

Here’s the video for you to watch, after watching it I wanted to go back right away! Have you ever been to Mexico? I would love to hear what you thought about the place, just pop your thoughts down below in the comment section – sharing is caring guys! Happy and safe travels!