Tips for Visiting Sea World in Florida

If you’re visiting Orlando, Florida, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of tons of exciting attractions for the whole family. One great attraction not to miss is Sea World, where you can spend the day learning about the majestic marine life, getting splashed by killer whales and feeling the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster before checking out the awesome aquarium down below. But before you go, there are some things you should know! Here are a few tips for a visit to Sea World:

sea world 1

Save Time

Who wants to spend a whole morning of their holiday waiting in line outside in the hot sun? You can save yourself a ton of time by purchasing your SeaWorld Combination tickets online before you go. This way you can jump the line and head right into the park for a day of fun. Arrive early, at 9 a.m. when the park opens, to make the most of your day.

Plan Out Your Day

The biggest mistake you can make when visiting Sea World is trying to cram everything into one day, thinking you can see it all. You probably can’t visit everything in just one day, and even if you can, you’re less likely to enjoy it if you’re rushing around! Grab a map at the entrance, and figure out what you want to see the most. If you start at the back of the park and work your way forward, you’ll run into less crowds, because most people start at the front.

Quick Eats

Stopping for lunch can easily suck hours out of your day if you dine during the peak times (12:00-1:00.) All of the restaurants are absolutely packed during this time. Either eat earlier, later, or during show performances to miss the big lines at the restaurants. Or, bring your own snacks to avoid the lines altogether and leave more time to visit the attractions.


Stay cool

Don’t forget that the Florida sunshine can easily bring on sunburn or heat stroke if you aren’t careful. Stay hydrated and make sure to apply the sunscreen frequently. You can visit Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin for a break from the heat! This frigid attraction is a fascinating way to learn about the life of a penguin, and it’s the coldest attraction in Orlando!